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Radial Brand

Radial is a company created by five unique design students that came together to form a company. Here is a description of what radial is about: 

"Radial is a space; a space for artists, designers, creators, teachers, a space for you. It is a space that can be used to collaborate or work on individual projects. We know working in a small space can be quite impossible for artists. Radial includes two main parts. It will be a large flagship space for designers in Brooklyn as well as smaller, more specific spaces spread throughout the five boroughs. 

The other part is a second hand art supply store. We know how expensive art supplies can get and we also know how frustrating it is to use a few sheets of paper out of a $20 pad. It is simply unsustainable. We want to provide a place for you to donate old, unused supplies, as well as purchase new, used supplies for a much discounted price. We run our company through membership cards that provide access to all of our locations as well as a system that allows you to use our store in a more convenient way. We plan to grow as time goes on. For example, we can expand to many more locations that make it easy for students to get to the nearest studio space. We also plan to offer tool rentals as we grow. We want to create an inspiring and safe place for artists to work on their individual craft as well as meet and support new artists." 

This idea was then developed into an entire brand identity, from ad campaigns, to stationery, to a digital model of the space. In the final radial presentation, the identity is shown along with its applications across many platforms. Below is either tasks that the group worked on as a whole, or my specific responsibilities.


Advertising campaign disclaimer:
Concept and copywriting done by Camryn Avery, final posters done by Jenna Dellino.