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Behind the Doodles

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My love for art and design traces its roots to the simplest form of creativity: doodles.

In my childhood, my notebooks were filled with geometric designs, intricate patterns, and renderings of the objects around me. As I transitioned into my teenage years, these doodles evolved beyond paper and ink, becoming a part of my very being. My hands and arms became the canvas, and my doodles transformed into dreams. What started as basic image tracing and mastery of the pen tool eventually led me down a path towards crafting brand identities; and that's how I discovered my true calling as a designer.


The doodles that ignited my creative path still hold a special place in my heart, only now, I've learned to channel them in a more purposeful way. Today, I find the same passion in sketching and breathing life into a brand from a simple doodle.


As I continued to grow and learn, I realized that my artistic journey encompasses more than just doodles. Much more.

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