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Blackboard Case Study

This summer, I had the pleasure of carrying out the role of Proposal Graphic Design Intern with Blackboard (Now Anthology, Inc.), and it was an experience I will never forget.


My time at Blackboard, although brief, helped jump-start my career tremendously. As my first workplace internship, I was very nervous going into it, and didn’t know if I would be able to succeed. I quickly realized that everyone at Blackboard I interacted with not only wanted me to excel, but wanted to help me reach my goals as well.


My praise for my immediate supervisor, John Usher, cannot be said enough. He was an incredible mentor to me and was willing to teach me anything I wanted to know about Blackboard or how a business works in general. All my questions were met with enthusiasm, and he genuinely wanted to learn from me as much as I wanted to learn from him. John made my internship memorable in more ways than one, and I’ll take his words of wisdom with me wherever I go.


Aside from the technical skills I learned (creating infographics, formatting proposals, and developing icons), I also learned soft skills that will help me in my next position, such as networking, communication, and what makes an effective leader.

Below are some highlights of the graphics I created over my time at Blackboard.

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