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Pomum is a hard cider brand inspired by a greek legend, that empowers consumers to embrace their fairest side with nutritious cider. Here is a bit about the brand: 

"ERIS, the goddess of discord, was not invited to another godly wedding. In her anger, she carved “for the fairest one” into a golden apple, and threw it into the wedding reception. All festivities screeched to a halt as each woman claimed they were the fairest. In the end, it was revealed that they each had a different quality that made them worthy of the prized apple. POMUM dares you to embrace your fairest side, while enjoying a nutritious cider that makes you feel like a goddess."

This brand was extended into 3 different flavors, based on a nutrient and a type of apple: Ginger & Gold, Orange & Opal, and Caramel & Candy. It was then extended into an outer carton for a six pack, and an apple-themed event at an orchard, complete with tickets and and an apple food truck.