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Eddi Brand

Eddi is a brand identity created as a solo captsone project. Here's a little bit about him:

"Eddi is a virtual education assistant, designed to help children with learning disabilities adapt to online learning. The switch to remote classes has been hard on all of us, me included, but how about the kids that struggle in school every day to begin with? They are left by the wayside, with no assistance to this new learning environment. Eddi is here to change that. 

He is an AI equipped with skills to help students with anything from daily homework assignments, to establishing a new daily schedule for them to go by. Eddi is a friendly monster that reads all of the documents you feed it, and helps the student understand what they have to do. He does this by simplifying content, translating material, and having a chat box for students to ask him questions. Eddi also collaborates with teachers and educators, to help them solidify their online learning plan, and best adapt it to the students. Eddi is constantly learning, taking in information, and updating it’s intelligence to better help it’s students."

Below are some of the supplemental brand pieces for Eddi including: moodboards, packaging designs, app designs, and ad campaigns.